The Grand Hotel auction murder mystery – a parlour game

It's an ordinary Saturday afternoon in spring in the summer resort town with only a few early holidaymakers. Lady Eliis has invited a number of important guests to dinner at the Café Grand, where Mr Adamson is auctioning off the Grand Hotel and a new mayor is going to be elected for the town of Pärnu. An unexpected gunshot, screams, silence filled with fear and suddenly everything is completely different. An Agatha Christie-esque murder mystery begins to unfold in the auction hall, where no one can be sure of their innocence. In the Café Grand restaurant, the early years of the Hotel Victoria are brought back to life as the time machine of a parlour game rewinds you back to 1928. A thrilling plot, authentic setting, period clothing and a delicious dinner will both thrill your taste buds and blow your mind. This parlour game is suited for a group of 15-50 people, and lasts 3-4 hours including dinner. The game can be conducted in Estonian, English or Russian upon request.

We would recommend getting into the right frame of mind by taking a five o’clock tea first, and most certainly we can provide accommodation in the Hotel Victoria for those coming from further afield.

Come and give your alibi a chance.

Or using a more ambiguous expression:

Come and feel innocent again.


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